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StrongFirst Podcast

Jan 24, 2019


Professor Carmen Bott is a strength and conditioning coach from Vancouver British Columbia who specializes in physical preparation for combative and collision sports athletes.


Show Notes:

00:56 - Coach Bott talks about her history and how she got into the sports science space.

02:41 - Coach Bott’s thesis on basketball.

05:14 - Her first experience with Pavel in 2004.

09:00 - How Coach Bott ended up marrying her trainer and mastering the kettlebell.

12:00 - How strength training can be taboo for wrestlers.

13:40 - How much conditioning for athletes during the season.

17:41 - What kind of off-season high-level athletes get.

21:33 - The difference between training athletes in different sports.

26:28 - Which muscles are most important to train for wrestling.

31:05 - How much Dr. Bott uses Olympic lifting and how much she uses kettlebells.

38:35 - Why you need to understand kinematics.

40:25 - The books Dr. Bott recommends.